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The End of an Era  Le Mans 1964

The End of an Era - Le Mans 1964.jpg

The End of an Era

24 Hours of le Mans, 21 June 1964.

Jean Guichet - Nino Vaccarella / Ferrari 275 P n°20 (chassis 0816).

The Franco-Italian racing team brought the eighth win for "The Prancing Horse" in the so much prestigious Le Mans twice around the clock event. Also the last one for a Ferrari works team.

Formats available

80  x 120 cm      Limited edition of 12
100 x 150 cm     Limited edition of 5  120 x 180 cm     Limited edition of 3  150 x 225 cm     Limited edition of 1  


Price : From 4.500 €          

What makes this photography so unique?

An absolutely breathtaking photographic composition immortalizing the triumphant Ferrari 275 P on the road to victory.

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