Behind the Scenes  Le Mans 1963

Collection "The pionneers" (Photo 1/12)

Behind the Scenes

24 Hours of Le Mans - village of Teloché, June 1963.

Gerhard Koch - Carel Godin de Beaufort / Porsche 356B 2000GS GT n°29.

Heinz Schiller - Ben Pon / Porsche 356B 2000GS GT n°30.

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What makes this picture so unique?

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What makes this Artwork so unique?

A fantastic insider view of the pre-race preparations. This small auto shop a few miles from the circuit has been the home of the Porsche team in Le Mans for more than thirty years.

The thrilling backstage of a factory team competing in one of the world's greatest classics. Those were different times!

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