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What makes us different?

The definitive place to discover and collect iconic Fine Art photography 

An exclusive collection never seen before...

Over the past ten years, we have been on an endless pursuit for rare pearls, material that legends are made of.

Travelling around the world to discover exceptional photo negatives, and especially fond of those on glass plates, we have reviewed thousands and thousands of them, selecting only the most outstanding.


Our goal is to blend the best of the original with the advanced technology of today.

Removing the marks of time, including breaks, scratches, slits, folds and stains, using specific techniques depending on the nature of the problem.

This careful job requires an enormous amount of work and time, from a few hours for a gelatine negative up to several weeks for a highly damaged glass plate.

A process unique in the world for restoring old negatives...

"You can't relive history but now,

you can own a piece of it!"

When only the very best is good enough !

The artworks are hand-printed on museum-quality paper and mounted under premium quality anti-reflective acrylic glasses with an aluminium frame, guaranteeing optimum protection and emphasising colours and contrasts.

Each original negative produces typically a limited collection of 21 prints of Fine Art photographs bearing a certificate of authenticity, including a serialized anti-falsification hologram system.


Interview with Car Art Spot

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