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Howling Matra  Rouen 1968

Collection "The pionneers" (Photo 1/12)
Jean Pierre Beltoise - Rouen 1968.jpg

Howling Matra

Grand Prix of France (Rouen-Les-Essarts), 7 July 1968.

Jean-Pierre Beltoise / Matra MS11 - Matra V12.

Formats available

80  x 80 cm        Limited edition of 12
100 x 100 cm     Limited edition of 5  120 x 120 cm     Limited edition of 3  150 x 150 cm     Limited edition of 1  


Price : From 3.900 €          

What makes this picture so unique?

The whole collection

What makes this Artwork so unique?

An absolutely stunning action shot immortalizing the last F1 race to take place at Rouen-Les-Essarts.

Described as violent, musical or even euphonious ; you can almost hear the most wonderful exhaust sound that F1 has ever known.

And also a warm tribute to one of the most renowned French Formula 1 racing driver.

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