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Hans Stuck  Bergkönig 1929


Hans Stuck

Bergkönig 1929

Semmering International Hill Climb, 15 September 1929.

Hans Stuck / Austro-Daimler ADM-R 3L-6cyl.

Formats available

80  x 113 cm      Limited edition of 12
100 x 142 cm     Limited edition of 5  120 x 170 cm     Limited edition of 3  150 x 213 cm     Limited edition of 1  


Price : From 4.500 €          

What makes this photography so unique?

The famous masterpiece designed by renowned technician Ferdinand Porsche which made Hans Stuck nearly unbeatable.

Two consecutive victories and race record at Semmering among numerous other wins and the European Hill Climb Championship title in 1930 earned him the nickname "Bergkönig" or "King of the Mountains".

A careful and meticulous glass plate photo negative restoration !

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