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Steve & Elga  'Le Mans' filmset 1970

Collection "The pionneers" (Photo 1/12)
Steve et Elga.jpg

Steve & Elga

'Le Mans' filmset 1970

Steve McQueen and Elga Andersen on ‘Le Mans’ film set (1970).

Formats available

80  x 80 cm        Limited edition of 12
100 x 100 cm     Limited edition of 5  120 x 120 cm     Limited edition of 3  150 x 150 cm     Limited edition of 1  


Price : From 4.500 €          

What makes this picture so unique?

The whole collection

What makes this Artwork so unique?

An exclusive and never published fine art photograph representing the quintessence of the McQueen myth.

A cult movie, a cult couple...and a cult fine art photograph for all racing fans.

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