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Johnny Hallyday  Monte Carlo 1967

Collection "The pionneers" (Photo 1/12)
Johnny Hallyday - Monte Carlo 1967.jpg

Johnny Hallyday

Monte Carlo 1967

Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo 1967.

Henri Chemin - Johnny Hallyday / Ford Mustang n°105.

Formats available

60 x 150 cm       Limited edition of 12
80 x 200 cm       Limited edition of 5  100 x 250 cm     Limited edition of 3  120 x 300 cm     Limited edition of 1  


Price : From 3.700 €          

What makes this Artwork so unique?

Life in the fast lane for the French rock star.

Jean-Philippe Smet, aka Johnny - "l'idole des jeunes" -, entered the though rally at the wheel of one of the most exciting car of the moment.

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