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Le Mans Start  1958

Le Mans Start 1958.jpg

Le Mans Start 1958

Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks run toward their Aston Martin DBR1 on 21 June 1958.

Formats available

80  x 120 cm      Limited edition of 25
100 x 150 cm     Limited edition of 5  120 x 180 cm     Limited edition of 3  150 x 225 cm     Limited edition of 1  


Price : From 4.500 €          

What makes this photography so unique?

An exceptional fine art photograph of the legendary Le Mans start. Perhaps the picture that symbolizes the most car racing around the world. But this one is just amazing.

Perfect timing and fantastic photo composition.

All the components are at the right place. Considering the photographic material of the period, it is quite unbelievable.

A breathtaking moment of grace.

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